Kingsbury Corporation's Twin Towers
"A View From Above"

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Welcome to Kingsbury's Twin Towers

At the core of urban rejuvenation in downtown Trenton is Kingsbury’s Twin Towers. For more than 35 years this beacon of hope has become a haven for families of affordable and moderate means. Thanks to our friendly staff, comfortable apartments, and safe, pleasant facilities we are the premier Community serving more and more people in and around Mercer County as they relocate to Trenton.

"We are not an affordable housing community waiting for trends, we make the trends," says Deborah Gershen, Kingsbury's  director. "This is a transition time. We are striving for greater heights. It is our mission to provide a safe and secure housing community that both our Residents and our staff are proud to call their home." Ms. Gershen says.

For over 35 years Kingsbury's Twin Towers have provided a haven within the city for low and moderate income Trenton residents, providing them comfortable apartments, well-maintained facilities and competent staff.

As more and more people in and around Mercer County recognize the benefits of urban living and join the trend toward relocating to Trenton, they should consider the Twin Towers, which is seeking to broaden its base of residents in the years to come.

Twin Towers residents and their families have the benefit of commanding apartment views -- on good days upper floor residents can see Philadelphia -- free parking, a fully appointed computer and Internet center, 24-hour security, and on-site maintenance staff among other benefits.

The Twin Towers encompass 364 high-rise apartment units. The towers have a parking garage which has 244 parking spaces to accommodate residents. Apartment plans can accommodate a variety of family needs, with up to three bedrooms per unit. Tenants are screened and collectively make up a diverse and welcoming community located in a convenient and desirable Trenton location.

Currently available for low and moderate income renters and those age 55 and above, Kingsbury is working to open up access to the Twin Towers to the broader community. Get in touch with Kingsbury to learn how you and your family might benefit from this unique urban community.

Garden State Awards Winner
Excellence in Affordable Housing