Kingsbury Corporation's Twin Towers
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Kenyon Hodges Computer Learning Center

In a spacious 1,500 square foot facility off the lobby of the West Tower of Kingsbury’s Twin Towers resides the Kenyon Hodges Computer Learning Center. For over a decade Kingsbury has been providing residents and their children with a supportive environment for achieving academic and career goals and building computer literacy free of charge.

With classroom space, a bank of computers and high-speed Internet access overseen by lab assistants, Twin Towers residents can work on their computer skills, use the Internet for learning or career enhancement, communicate with friends or family, seek out resources or just have fun surfing the Web.

The Kenyon Hodges Learning Center is a welcoming and supportive place for Twin Towers residents of all ages, another amenity they can take advantage of to improve and enhance their lives.

Photo: Lauren Otis

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